Last Updated on: May 20th, 2023

Mario character nintendoWho is Mario?

Mario is the main protagonist of the Mario series of video games created by Nintendo. He is one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the history of video games. Mario first appeared in the 1981 game “Donkey Kong” and he is known for his distinctive red overalls, blue shirt, and cap. He is also known for his mustache and his catchphrase “It’s-a me, Mario!” He is an Italian-American plumber and is often portrayed as a heroic and adventurous character. He has appeared in many games over the years, in a variety of different genres such as platformers, puzzle, sports, and racing. He has also been featured in many spin-off series such as Mario Kart and Mario Party. Mario is considered a global icon and one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

Games in Which Mario Appeared in:

Here is a rundown of the games that Mario has appeared in over the years.