Prince of Persia: The Fallen King Player Count and Stats (2024)

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Prince of Persia: The Fallen King player count:

2.5 million game units sold worldwide

Last updated 11/30/09

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Game Description

“Prince of Persia: The Fallen King” is an action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. It is a part of the “Prince of Persia” series and offers a unique gameplay experience tailored to the capabilities of the DS platform. Here’s an overview of the game:

  1. Storyline: Set within the “Prince of Persia” universe, “The Fallen King” follows the story of the prince as he embarks on a quest to save his kingdom from an evil sorcerer named Ahriman. The prince’s journey takes him through perilous environments filled with traps, puzzles, and enemies.

  2. Unique Gameplay: “The Fallen King” takes advantage of the DS’s touch screen and stylus for gameplay mechanics. The player uses the stylus to control the prince’s movements, attacks, and interactions with the environment. The top screen displays the game world, while the bottom screen is used for navigation and combat.

  3. Platforming and Puzzle Solving: The game retains the signature “Prince of Persia” platforming elements, allowing players to run, jump, and climb their way through various levels. Players also encounter puzzles that require creative use of the DS’s touch controls to solve.

  4. Combat System: Combat in “The Fallen King” involves using the stylus to perform attacks, block, and evade enemies. The player can draw lines on the touch screen to execute sword strikes and use combos. Timing and strategy are crucial for success in battles.

  5. Boss Battles: Throughout the game, players face challenging boss encounters that require precise timing and strategic thinking to defeat.

  6. Magical Powers: As the prince progresses, he gains access to magical abilities that can be used to solve puzzles and overcome obstacles. These powers add variety to the gameplay and expand the prince’s capabilities.

  7. Graphics and Presentation: The game features 3D graphics on the DS platform, creating an immersive environment with detailed character models and environments. The art style retains the series’ characteristic Arabian-inspired aesthetics.

  8. Story Progression: Players advance through the story by completing levels, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies. The narrative unfolds as the prince gets closer to confronting the main antagonist, Ahriman.

  9. Reception: “Prince of Persia: The Fallen King” received mixed reviews from players and critics. While some appreciated the innovative use of touch controls and the adaptation of the series’ mechanics to the DS, others found the controls challenging and the gameplay repetitive.

  10. Mobile Gameplay: The game’s design and controls were tailored to the DS’s touchscreen, making it a suitable title for on-the-go gaming.

“Prince of Persia: The Fallen King” offers a portable and unique take on the “Prince of Persia” series, adapting its core gameplay mechanics to the Nintendo DS’s touch controls. While it may have polarized opinions due to its innovative control scheme, it remains an interesting entry in the franchise’s history and provides an alternative way for fans to experience the prince’s adventures.

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