Sea of Thieves Facts and Statistics

Sea of Thieves Facts

Here are a few of the most interesting Sea of Thieves facts and statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

What is Sea of Thieves?

An epic multiplayer adventure. Crew up and set sail on memorable voyages. Make and break your pirate’s code on the Sea of Thieves. (source)

Purchase Sea of Thieves:

 Xbox One 

Sea of Thieves Statistics

How many people play Sea of Thieves:

15 million players

Last updated 7/20/20

Number of players Sea of Thieves gained in its first week:

2 million

Number of people who streamed Sea of Thieves in it s first week:


Amount of streaming of Sea of Thieves in its first week:

10 million hours

Number of people who joined a Sea of Thieves game in its first 48 hours:

1 million

Total distance Sea of Thieves players have sailed:

1.8 billion kilometers

Last updated 4/10/19

Total gold Sea of Thieves players have earned:

642 billion

Last updated 4/10/19

Total number of islands Sea of Thieves players have visited:

844 million

Last updated 4/10/19

Peak number of concurrent Sea of Thieves players on Steam:

59,000 players (6/13/20)

Copies of Sea of Thieves that have been sold on Steam:

2 million copies

Last updated 6/14/20

Recent Sea of Thieves News:

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