List of Tenchu Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: October 24th, 2020

list of Tenchu video gamesThe Tenchu video game franchise is a series of stealth action games developed by Japanese game developer Acquire and published by FromSoftware. The first game, titled “Tenchu: Stealth Assassins,” was released in 1998 for the PlayStation console.

The Tenchu series is set in feudal Japan and follows the story of two ninjas, Rikimaru and Ayame, who are members of the Azuma ninja clan. The gameplay is focused on stealth and assassination, with players navigating through levels and using various ninja tools and techniques to complete their objectives.

The series became known for its unique gameplay mechanics, such as the ability to kill enemies with one hit if attacked from behind, and the use of grappling hooks to traverse levels. The games also featured branching story paths and multiple endings based on the player’s choices.

The Tenchu franchise has had several sequels and spin-offs, including “Tenchu 2: Birth of the Stealth Assassins,” “Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven,” and “Tenchu: Shadow Assassins.” The series has received mixed reviews over the years, with some praising its unique gameplay and setting, while others criticized its outdated graphics and clunky controls. The franchise has not seen a new release since “Tenchu: Shadow Assassins” in 2009.

Tenchu Video Games:

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