Foxhole Player Count and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: August 6th, 2023

Foxhole player count Stats and Facts

Foxhole Stats

Foxhole player count statistics Nothing just yet. Be sure to check back soon as we update all video game stats as soon as they are provided.

Game Description

“Foxhole” is a unique and innovative massively multiplayer online war game developed and published by Clapfoot Inc. It was first released in July 2017 for Microsoft Windows and is available on Steam.

Unlike traditional shooters, Foxhole offers a persistent, player-driven virtual battlefield that spans a massive, open world. In this persistent war simulation, players become soldiers in a fictional, never-ending conflict between two warring factions, the Wardens and the Colonials. The game focuses on cooperation, strategy, and logistics rather than individual heroics.

Players can choose to join either faction and collaborate with others to shape the outcome of the ongoing war. The game’s mechanics are heavily based on teamwork and coordination, where players must work together to establish supply lines, construct fortifications, produce weapons and ammunition, and plan and execute large-scale military offensives.

The unique aspect of Foxhole is the reliance on player-created structures and assets. Players have the power to build and destroy structures such as defensive walls, bunkers, bridges, and factories. Additionally, they can commandeer vehicles, including tanks, trucks, and artillery, to support their faction’s efforts on the front lines.

Combat in Foxhole is engaging and tactical, with both infantry and vehicular warfare playing significant roles. Players must communicate and coordinate effectively to achieve objectives and maintain control of key territories in the ever-shifting frontlines.

The game operates in real-time, with battles taking place 24/7, and the progress is recorded persistently. The actions and decisions of players in one session directly affect the state of the war in the next, making every match interconnected and contributing to the overall narrative of the ongoing conflict.

The developers of Foxhole consistently provide updates and listen to the community’s feedback to improve and expand the game. They have introduced new features, maps, vehicles, and refinements to ensure a dynamic and engaging experience for players.

Overall, Foxhole stands out as an ambitious and engaging multiplayer war game that emphasizes cooperation, logistics, and player-driven content. The persistent world and player-driven decisions create a captivating and ever-evolving virtual battlefield where each player’s actions play a critical role in the outcome of the war.

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Here is pretty much everything you ever wanted to know about Foxhole.

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