X-COM: Terror from the Deep Player Count and Stats (2024)

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Game Description

“X-COM: Terror from the Deep” is a turn-based strategy video game that serves as the sequel to the acclaimed “X-COM: UFO Defense” (also known as “X-COM: Enemy Unknown” in some regions). Developed by MicroProse and released in the mid-1990s, the game continues the legacy of its predecessor by immersing players in a new alien invasion scenario, this time set beneath the oceans.

The game is set in a future where Earth is threatened by a new alien menace emerging from the depths of the oceans. As the commander of the X-COM organization, players are tasked with defending humanity by managing resources, research, and combat operations against the aquatic alien forces.

“X-COM: Terror from the Deep” follows a similar gameplay structure to its predecessor. Players engage in turn-based tactical battles as they control a team of soldiers, utilizing cover, strategy, and specialized weapons to defeat the alien threats. The game introduces new aquatic environments and challenges, including underwater combat and submerged alien bases.

One of the core aspects of the game is the base management system. Players must oversee research, development, construction, and recruitment across multiple underwater bases scattered around the world. Researching alien technology, managing resources, and making strategic decisions play a crucial role in the game’s progression.

The game maintains the suspenseful atmosphere and tension for which the “X-COM” series is known. Soldiers can be permanently lost in combat, and players must make difficult decisions regarding resource allocation and battle tactics. The combination of strategic management and tactical combat creates a challenging and immersive experience.

The graphics of “X-COM: Terror from the Deep” are representative of the early 3D graphics of the mid-1990s, featuring isometric views and detailed character models. The eerie music and sound effects contribute to the game’s intense and atmospheric feel.

“X-COM: Terror from the Deep” is celebrated for its challenging gameplay, strategic depth, and continuation of the “X-COM” legacy. It offers fans of the series and strategy enthusiasts an opportunity to engage in another intense battle against extraterrestrial foes, this time in the depths of the ocean. Whether you’re revisiting a classic or experiencing it for the first time, the game delivers a unique blend of strategy, resource management, and tactical combat in a futuristic and perilous setting.

Game Details

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