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Last Updated on: January 8th, 2022

Twitch Stats and Facts

Twitch Description

What is Twitch?

Twitch has only been around for about nine years, but they certainly have done a great job building a gigantic, loyal audience, while staying somewhat under the radar of the mainstream tech media. They didn’t, however, sty off the radar of some of the industry heavyweights, as Amazon won a bidding battle last year and purchased Twitch for almost $1 billion.

  • Twitch Website:
  • Year Twitch tv launched: June 2011
  • Creators: Justin Kan and Emmett Shear
  • Twitch Current Owner: Amazon
  • Twitch Headquarters: San Francisco, CA

Twitch Stats and Player Count

Here is a look at some amazing Twitch stats and facts including number of Twitch users and much more. You’ll find out more about the industry leader in video game streaming below. As always, I will be updating this post semi-regularly, so be sure to check back in the future for new and updated stats.

How many people watch Twitch?

140 million monthly unique viewers

Last updated 12/5/18

Number of Twitch Daily active users:

30 million DAU

Last updated 10/26/21

How many people stream on Twitch?

7 million monthly creators

Last updated 10/26/21

Percentage of Twitch viewers that are aged 16-34:


Last updated 10/26/21

Most watched Twitch category:

Just Chatting

Last updated October 2020

Number of games that had at least 1 billion hours watched on Twitch in 2021:

3- GTA V, League of Legends and Fortnite

Number of first-time Twitch streamers in 2020:

13 million streamers

Number of Twitch app installs in 2020:

81 million total installs

Record for monthly Twitch viewing:

2 billion hours watched in March 2021

Record for most concurrent viewers for a Twitch streamer:

TheGrefg (2.5 million concurrent viewers on January 11, 2021)

Total amount of content watched on Twitch (quarterly):

Twitch’s increase in total watch hours once the coronavirus lockdowns began:


Twitch average concurrent viewership in Q1 2020:

1.4 million

Twitch’s share of the video game streaming market:


Last updated 7/15/19

Percentage of Twitch viewership that is mobile:


Last updated 1/1/16

Amount of gaming content that has been livestreamed on Twitch:

241 billion minutes

Last updated 2/11/16

Number of Twitch partner channels:

27,000 partners

Last updated 12/5/18

Amount that Amazon reportedly bought Twitch for:

$970 million

Percentage of Twitch users that spend more than 20 hours a week watching videos on it:

nearly half

Last updated 6/19/16

Average amount of time spent by users on Twitch daily:

95 minutes

Last updated 3/23/19

Average simultaneous viewers on Twitch:


Last updated 9/30/16

Number of inactive old Twitch usernames that were released in November 2017:

30 million

Number of Twitch Affiliate Program members:

248,000 members

Last updated 12/18/18

Total number of clips on Twitch:

124 million

Last updated 2/6/18

Number of times Twitch users have interacted with extensions:

1.5 billion times

Last updated 3/21/18

Amount of content viewed on Twitch in 2020:

1 trillion minutes

Amount of content viewed on Twitch in 2018:

434 billion minutes

Largest Twitch content viewing month to date:

November 2020 (1.7 billion hours)

Last updated 12/16/20

Amount of hours Twitch affiliates broadcasted in 2017:

34.5 million

Last updated 4/24/18

Number of chat messages that have been sent in Twitch affiliate channels:

5.7 billion messages

Last updated 4/24/18

Number of times Twitch affiliate streamers have been clipped:

19.5 million

Last updated 4/24/18

Number of monthly active Twitch viewers in the US for 2020:

40 million

Last updated 2/20/20

Current number of Twitch viewers in the US:

37.7 MAU

Last updated 2/20/20

Total minutes watched on Twitch in 2016:

292 billion

Total unique streamers on Twitch in 2016:

2.2 million

Total chat messages sent on Twitch in 2016:

14.2 billion

Most used emote on Twitch in 2016:

Kappa, with 413 million

Total bits cheered on Twitch in 2016:

590 million

Total whispers sent on Twitch in 2016:

153 million

Most popular game on Twitch that was released in 2016:


Total number of videos broadcasted on Twitch per month:

11 million

Last updated 12/31/14

Percentage of Twitch users that are millennials:


Last updated 9/24/15

Number of whispers sent on Twitch:

300 million 

Last updated 5/5/16

Percentage of Twitch traffic that is viewing esports:


Last updated 4/6/16

Total amount of video watched on Twitch in 2015 (in years):

459,000 years worth of video

Total amount of video watched on Twitch in 2015 (in minutes):

241,441,823,059 minutes worth of video

Average number of concurrent viewers on Twitch in 2015:

550,000 viewers

Peak number of concurrent Twitch viewers in 2015:

2 million

Peak number of concurrent Twitch broadcasters in 2015:


Average amount of time spent on Twitch per viewer per monthly:

421.6 minutes per month

Last updated 1/1/16

Most watched game on Twitch in 2015:

League of Legends

Number of messages sent on Twitch in 2015:

9.169 billion

Average number of messages sent per minute on Twitch in 2015:

17,446 messages per minute

Percentage of Twitch monthly viewership that is driven by esports:


Last updated 10/25/18

Top organizer on Twitch:

Riot Games

Last updated 6/10/16

2nd biggest organizer on Twitch:


Last updated 6/10/16

Number of hours of esports watched on Twitch from August 2015-May 2016:

803.7 million hours

Number of simultaneous viewers for Twitch’s E3 2016 content:

925,000 viewers

Percentage of Twitch users that are male:


Last updated 2/17/18

Percentage of Twitch users that are not male:


Last updated 2/17/18

Average age of a Twitch user:


Number of channel views for Twitch’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers marathon:

12.9 million total channel views

Peak number of viewers for Twitch’s Mighty Morphin Power Ranger marathon:


Top 5 most-followed Twitch streamers (source):

    1. ninja
    2. shroud
    3. tfue
    4. imthemyth
    5. themyth

Last updated 6/10/19

Top 5 most-viewed Twitch streamers (source):

    1. riotgames
    2. shadbasemurdertv
    3. ninja
    4. beyondthesummit
    5. esl_csgo

Last updated 6/10/19

Amount of Teamfight Tactics Twitch users watched in its first week:

15.2 million hours

Most popular game on Twitch in the first half of 2019:

League of Legends

Total hours watched on Twitch in October 2020:

1.6 billion hours

Total hours watched on Twitch in October 2019:

839 million hours

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