Neo Geo Sales Numbers and List of Games (2023)

Last Updated on: May 28th, 2022

neo geo sales numbers list of gamesNeo Geo is a video game console and arcade system developed by SNK (formerly known as Shin Nihon Kikaku) in the 1990s. The system was known for its high-quality graphics and sound, as well as its large library of arcade-quality games.

The Neo Geo was first released in 1990 as an arcade system, and was later released as a home console in 1991. The home console was expensive compared to other consoles of the time, but it offered arcade-quality graphics and sound that were unmatched by other systems.

The Neo Geo’s game library included a wide range of popular arcade titles, including fighting games such as Fatal Fury and King of Fighters, and action games such as Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown. The system also had a range of accessories, including arcade-style controllers and memory cards for saving game progress.

Despite its high price point, the Neo Geo was popular among serious gamers and arcade enthusiasts. It continued to be used in arcades well into the 2000s, and the home console remained in production until 2004.

Today, the Neo Geo is remembered as an iconic console and arcade system that helped to define the fighting game genre and set a new standard for graphics and sound in video games. Many of its popular games have been re-released on modern platforms, and the system continues to be a favorite among collectors and retro gaming enthusiasts.

Neo Geo Facts and Stats:

  • Manufacturer: SNK
  • Year Released: 1990
  • Year Discontinued: 2004

List of Neo Geo Games:

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