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Epic Games Statistics and FactsEpic Games Facts

Here are a few of the most interesting Epic Games statistics and facts I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

  • Epic Games Website: www.epicgames.com
  • Year Epic Games was Founded: 1991
  • Epic Games Founder: Tim Sweeney
  • Epic Games Headquarters: Cary, North Carolina
  • Epic Games CEO: Tim Sweeney
  • Key Epic Games Games: Unreal, Unreal Tournament, Gears of War, Infinity Blade, Fortnite
  • Epic Games Subsidiary: Psyonix

Epic Games History

  • 1991 – Potomac Computer Systems is founded
  • 1992 – Potomac launches its first game, ZZT and is renamed to Epic MegaGames
  • 1998 – Unreal is released
  • 1999 – Epic MegaGames becomes Epic Games
  • 1999 – Unreal Tournament is released
  • 2006 – Gears of Wars is released
  • 2007 – Unreal Tournament 3 is released
  • 2008 – Gears of War 2 is released
  • 2010 – Infinity Blade is released
  • 2012 – Tencent purchases a large stake in Epic
  • 2017 – Fortnite is released

Epic Games Statistics

Number of Epic Games store users:

108 million

Last updated 1/14/20

61 million monthly PC users

Last updated 1/23/20

Amount that players have spent on the Epic Games Store platform: $680 million

Last updated 1/14/20

Estimated value of Epic: $17 billion

Last updated 6/15/20

Percentage of Epic that is owned by Tencent: 48%

Epic Games Games

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