List of StarCraft Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: March 2nd, 2024

list of StarCraft video gamesStarCraft is a real-time strategy (RTS) video game franchise developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The franchise was first launched in 1998, with the release of the original StarCraft game for Windows and Mac. The game quickly gained a massive following and became one of the most popular and successful RTS games of all time.

The game is set in a science fiction universe and revolves around three different species: the human Terrans, the insectoid Zerg, and the technologically advanced Protoss. Players take control of one of these factions and must gather resources, build structures, train and upgrade units, and ultimately defeat their opponents in real-time battles.

StarCraft was followed by an expansion pack, StarCraft: Brood War, which was released in 1999. The expansion introduced new units, new maps, and a new single-player campaign that continued the story from the original game.

In 2010, Blizzard released StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, the long-awaited sequel to the original game. The game continued the story from the first game and featured updated graphics, new units, and a range of other improvements. The game was followed by two expansion packs, Heart of the Swarm and Legacy of the Void, which continued the story and introduced new units and gameplay mechanics.

The StarCraft franchise has been praised for its deep gameplay mechanics, engaging storylines, and balanced multiplayer. It has also been a major player in the esports scene, with numerous professional players and teams competing in tournaments around the world.

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