List of Inazuma Eleven Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: February 6th, 2024

list of Inazuma Eleven video gamesThe Inazuma Eleven video game franchise is a popular series of sports role-playing video games developed and published by Level-5. The franchise began with the release of the first game, “Inazuma Eleven,” for the Nintendo DS in 2008 in Japan, and has since expanded to include multiple sequels, spin-offs, and adaptations across various gaming platforms, including Nintendo 3DS, Wii, and mobile devices.

The games follow the story of a young soccer player named Mark Evans and his teammates as they compete in various soccer tournaments and battles against rival teams while uncovering mysteries and conspiracies along the way. The gameplay combines traditional soccer simulation elements with role-playing game mechanics, such as leveling up characters, learning new skills, and recruiting new players.

The franchise has also spawned multiple anime adaptations, manga series, and merchandise, and has gained a large following in Japan and around the world, particularly among young fans of the soccer sports genre.

Inazuma Eleven Franchise Stats:

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Inazuma Eleven franchise player count:

3 million games sold

Last updated 12/14/12

Inazuma Eleven Video Games:

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