List of Zup Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: August 14th, 2021

list of Zup video gamesThe “Zup” series is a collection of puzzle games developed by Russian game developer, Dmitry Pavlovsky. The series currently includes eight games, with the first game being released in 2016.

The gameplay of the “Zup” series consists of navigating a ball through a series of increasingly difficult levels filled with obstacles and hazards. The player must use logic and strategy to figure out how to move the ball through the level and reach the exit point.

Each game in the series features unique mechanics and challenges, with new elements introduced in each installment. The games have been praised for their simple yet addictive gameplay and have gained a following among puzzle game enthusiasts.

Zup Video Games:

Here is our enormous collection of video games from the Zup franchise and detailed information on each. As always, new games are added to this collection regularly.

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