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Last Updated on: February 6th, 2024

list of Saints Row video gamesThe “Saints Row” video game franchise is a series of open-world action-adventure games developed by Volition and published by Deep Silver. The franchise is known for its over-the-top gameplay, irreverent humor, and extensive customization options, allowing players to create their own unique character and engage in a variety of criminal activities in an open-world sandbox environment.

The first game in the series, simply titled “Saints Row,” was released in 2006 for the Xbox 360. It introduced players to the fictional city of Stilwater, where they could join and lead a street gang known as the Third Street Saints, engaging in various criminal activities and missions to gain respect and build their gang’s reputation.

“Saints Row 2” followed in 2008, expanding on the gameplay and customization options of the original game. It introduced new activities, weapons, and vehicles, and featured a larger open-world environment for players to explore. The game also introduced multiplayer modes, allowing players to engage in co-op and competitive gameplay with others.

“Saints Row: The Third” was released in 2011, taking the franchise to new heights of absurdity and over-the-top action. It featured a new city, Steelport, and introduced new gameplay mechanics such as superpowers and outrageous weapons. The game also leaned heavily into its irreverent humor and parodied popular culture, earning it a reputation for its unique style.

“Saints Row IV” followed in 2013, taking the series in a more sci-fi direction. The game featured an alien invasion storyline and gave players superpowers, allowing them to engage in superhero-like gameplay. It also continued the franchise’s tradition of humor and customization, with players able to further customize their character and the game’s world.

“Saints Row: Gat out of Hell” was released as a standalone expansion to “Saints Row IV” in 2015, featuring new missions and gameplay in a hellish setting. It continued the series’ signature blend of action, humor, and customization.

In 2022, a reboot of the “Saints Row” franchise simply titled “Saints Row” was released. It features a new city, characters, and storyline, while retaining the series’ core gameplay elements of open-world action, humor, and customization.

Overall, the “Saints Row” franchise has gained a reputation for its over-the-top gameplay, irreverent humor, and extensive customization options, appealing to players who enjoy action-packed sandbox experiences with a humorous twist.

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