List of Jet Moto Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: November 20th, 2022

list of Jet Moto video gamesThe Jet Moto series is a collection of futuristic racing games that were developed by SingleTrac and published by Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) for the PlayStation consoles. The series debuted with Jet Moto in 1996, and two sequels, Jet Moto 2 and Jet Moto 3, were released in 1997 and 1999, respectively.

In the Jet Moto games, players ride hoverbikes through various high-speed courses filled with obstacles and hazards, such as jumps, ramps, and water hazards. The series was known for its fast-paced gameplay, challenging courses, and unique physics engine, which allowed players to perform stunts and tricks mid-air.

Despite its popularity, the Jet Moto series was short-lived, with Jet Moto 3 being the final installment. The development studio, SingleTrac, was dissolved shortly after the game’s release, and no further sequels or spin-offs have been released since. However, the Jet Moto series remains a beloved cult classic among PlayStation fans and is remembered for its unique blend of racing and arcade-style action.

Jet Moto Video Games:

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