List of Chessmaster Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: April 24th, 2023

list of Chessmaster video gamesThe Chessmaster is a long-running video game franchise that revolves around the game of chess. The first game in the series, Chessmaster 2000, was released in 1986 by The Software Toolworks for various home computer platforms, and has since been followed by numerous sequels and spinoffs.

The Chessmaster games typically feature a variety of tutorials and practice modes for players of different skill levels, as well as a range of computer opponents with varying strengths and playing styles. Some entries in the series have also included online multiplayer modes.

Over the years, the Chessmaster franchise has been published by a number of different companies, including Ubisoft, Mindscape, and Ubisoft. The most recent release in the series, Chessmaster Live, was an Xbox Live Arcade title developed by Ubisoft and released in 2008.

In addition to its main game releases, the Chessmaster franchise has also inspired a number of spinoff titles and adaptations, including Chessmaster Challenge, a simplified version of the game for casual players, and Chessmaster: The Art of Learning, a chess tutorial program designed in collaboration with Grandmaster Josh Waitzkin.

Chessmaster Franchise Games:

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