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Nintendo has had a nice run this year with mobile video games beginning with the popular Miitomo, followed by the smash hit Pokemon Go, next the recent Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon releases and now the iconic Mario has joined the party with last week’s Super Mario Run.

Super Mario Run Statistics and FactsWith so much buzz surrounding Super Mario Run, I recently sat down to find out just how popular it is at this early stage. Here are the most interesting Super Mario Run statistics I was able to dig up so far, with much more to come soon. .

As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Super Mario Run Facts

  • Super Mario Run Release Date: December 15th, 2016
  • Super Mario Run Developer: Nintendo
  • Super Mario Run Publisher: Nintendo
  • Super Mario Run Game Type: Running, Single-player
  • Super Mario Run Platform: iOS | Android

Super Mario Run Statistics

Estimated number of Super Mario Run downloads:

200 million

Last updated 10/31/17

Number of Super Mario Run downloads on its first day:


Number of Super Mario Run downloads in its four-day opening weekend:

40 million global downloads

Estimated number of Super Mario Run downloaders that have paid for the full game:

3 million

Last updated 1/3/17

It is estimated that Super Mario Run reached 25 million downloads 7 days faster than Pokemon Go.

Number of countries that Super Mario Run is the top downloaded app in:

140 countries

Last updated 12/21/16

Number of countries that Super Mario Run is the top grossing app in:

30 countries

Last updated 12/16/16

Number of countries Super Mario Run is available in:

151 countries

Last updated 7/2/18

Amount Super Mario Run earned in its first 24 hours:

$4 million – $8.3 million (depending on who you ask)

Estimated amount of revenue Super Mario Run earned in its four-day opening weekend:

$21 million

Average length for Super Mario Run player sessions:

15.5 minutes

Last updated 12/16/16

Projected Super Mario Run 1st month revenue:

$71 million

Last updated 12/8/16

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