Spyro: Year of the Dragon Player Count and Stats (2024)

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Spyro: Year of the Dragon Player Count and Stats

Spyro Year of the Dragon player count Stats and FactsHere are a few of the most interesting Spyro: Year of the Dragon facts and stats I was able to dig up including player counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Spyro: Year of the Dragon player count:

3.283 million games sold

Last updated 11/26/07

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Game Description

“Spyro: Year of the Dragon” is a 3D platformer video game developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was released in 2000 for the PlayStation and is the third installment in the “Spyro the Dragon” series. The game follows Spyro the dragon as he embarks on a new adventure to rescue dragon eggs stolen by an evil sorceress.

Key features and elements of “Spyro: Year of the Dragon” include:

  1. Continuation of the Series: “Year of the Dragon” continues the adventures of Spyro, this time taking him to the mystical realm of the Forgotten Realms. The game introduces new characters, environments, and challenges.

  2. Story and Setting: The plot revolves around the theft of dragon eggs by the sorceress Bianca and her henchman Moneybags. Spyro teams up with his friends and allies to recover the stolen eggs and thwart the sorceress’s plans.

  3. Playable Characters: In addition to playing as Spyro, the game features segments where players control other characters with unique abilities, such as Sheila the kangaroo, Sgt. Byrd the penguin, Bentley the yeti, and Agent 9 the monkey. These characters offer gameplay variety and new perspectives on the levels.

  4. Varied Environments: “Year of the Dragon” features a diverse range of levels and worlds, each with its own themes, challenges, and inhabitants. Players must explore, solve puzzles, and complete objectives to progress.

  5. Egg Collecting: The main objective of the game is to rescue dragon eggs scattered throughout the levels. Each egg can be obtained through various tasks, puzzles, and challenges.

  6. New Abilities: Spyro gains new abilities and power-ups, including climbing ladders, using power-up breaths, and performing new moves. These abilities enhance exploration and gameplay mechanics.

  7. Mini-Games and Challenges: The game includes a variety of mini-games and challenges within each world. These range from races and puzzles to shooting challenges and more.

  8. Boss Battles: Players face off against bosses and adversaries, each with their own unique mechanics and strategies for defeat.

  9. Visual and Audio Design: “Year of the Dragon” builds upon the visual and audio design of its predecessors, delivering colorful visuals, expressive character animations, and a whimsical soundtrack.

  10. Reception and Legacy: The game received positive reviews upon release, with praise for its expanded gameplay mechanics, character variety, and vibrant worlds. It further solidified Spyro’s status as a beloved video game character.

  11. Cultural Impact: “Year of the Dragon” is considered one of the standout titles in the “Spyro the Dragon” series, remembered for its creativity, level design, and engaging platforming gameplay.

“Spyro: Year of the Dragon” offers a satisfying continuation of the series with its imaginative levels, diverse cast of characters, and charming gameplay. Its emphasis on collecting dragon eggs and introducing new playable characters adds depth and variety to the traditional platforming formula, making it a beloved entry in the “Spyro the Dragon” franchise.

Game Details

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