Metroid Fusion Player Count and Stats (2024)

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Metroid Fusion player count:

1.6 million game units sold worldwide

Last updated December 2014

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Game Description

“Metroid Fusion” is an action-adventure platformer video game developed by Nintendo R&D1 and published by Nintendo. Released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance, it is the fourth main installment in the “Metroid” series and serves as a direct sequel to “Super Metroid.”

In “Metroid Fusion,” players once again assume the role of Samus Aran, the intergalactic bounty hunter known for her iconic Power Suit. The game’s events take place after the events of “Super Metroid” and involve Samus investigating a research station known as the Biologic Space Laboratories (BSL). Samus becomes infected by a parasitic organism known as the X Parasite and must navigate the station, uncover its secrets, and eliminate the X Parasites to prevent their spread.

The gameplay follows the series’ traditional exploration-based platforming, with Samus exploring interconnected environments while collecting power-ups, upgrades, and weapons. The game introduces a navigation computer named Adam, who provides guidance and objectives to Samus. This guidance adds a sense of direction to the exploration while still allowing for a nonlinear progression.

“Metroid Fusion” emphasizes the survival horror elements of the series, as players encounter powerful and sometimes terrifying creatures. The Power Suit upgrades and upgrades are gradually reacquired as Samus gains new abilities through the parasite-infected suit, leading to a unique gameplay dynamic.

The game introduces a unique gameplay mechanic called the “SA-X,” an enemy that is essentially a duplicate of Samus in her fully powered suit. The SA-X serves as a formidable threat throughout the game, adding tension and a sense of vulnerability to the experience.

The story of “Metroid Fusion” is delivered through in-game dialogue, monologues, and computer logs. It explores themes of identity, memory, and the consequences of scientific experimentation.

“Metroid Fusion” received critical acclaim for its atmospheric storytelling, polished gameplay mechanics, and effective use of the Game Boy Advance hardware. The game’s blend of exploration, action, and suspenseful gameplay contributed to its reputation as a standout entry in the “Metroid” series.

As a continuation of Samus Aran’s adventures, “Metroid Fusion” successfully reinvigorated the series while staying true to its core gameplay elements. It remains a beloved title among fans of the franchise and a significant installment in the history of handheld gaming.

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