Kakao Statistics and Facts

20 Interesting Kakao Statistics and Facts (2019) | By the Numbers Facts

    Here are a few of the most interesting Kakao statistics I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

    Kakao Statistics and FactsKakao Facts:

    Kakao Statistics:

    How many people use KakaoTalk?

    49.8 million

    Last updated 12/1/17

    Percentage of smartphones in South Korea that KakaoTalk is installed on:


    Last updated 1/30/17

    Percentage of instant messaging users in South Korea that use KakaoTalk:


    Last updated 5/30/17

    Average amount of time KakaoTalk user spend on the app per month:

    849.6 minutes

    Last updated 5/30/17

    Amount that Ant Financial has invested in Kakao Pay:

    $5 billion

    Last updated 2/20/17

    Average number of daily rides requests on Kakao Mobility:

    1.5 million rides

    Last updated 1/30/17

    Average number of monthly Kakao Driver users:

    2.7 million monthly users

    Last updated 1/30/17

    Number of Kakao Navi users:

    10 million registered users

    Last updated 1/30/17

    Kakao Talk 2013 revenue:

    $203 million

    Number of games on the Kakao Talk platform:


    Last updated 4/19/14

    Number of Kakao Talk game developers:


    Last updated 4/19/14

    Number of languages Kakao Talk is available in:

    15 languages

    Last updated 9/9/14

    Number of countries Kakao Talk is used in:

    230 countries

    Last updated 9/9/14

    Percentage of global adult internet users that use Kakao Talk monthly:


    Last updated 11/20/14

    Percentage of APAC adult internet users that use Kakao Talk monthly:


    Last updated 11/20/14

    Kakao Games Statistics and Facts:

    Number of Kakao Games registered users:

    500 million

    Last updated 11/2/17

    Number of Kakao Games active users:

    10 million daily active users

    Last updated 11/2/17

    Average number of user visits per week to Kakao Games:

    5.2 times

    Last updated 6/30/14

    Number of games available on Kakao Games:

    1,100 games

    Last updated 11/2/17

    Number of Kakao Games developers:

    570 game developers

    Last updated 11/2/17

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