Galaxy Squad Player Count and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: September 19th, 2021

Galaxy Squad Stats

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Game Description

“Galaxy Squad” is a tactical roguelike strategy game developed and published by Kazakov Oleg. Set in a science fiction universe, the game challenges players to lead a squad of spacefaring mercenaries as they embark on dangerous missions to explore, battle, and survive in a procedurally generated galaxy.

In “Galaxy Squad,” players take control of a team of mercenaries, each with their unique abilities, skills, and attributes. The game focuses on strategic planning, squad management, and turn-based combat as players navigate through various environments, engage in battles, and make decisions that impact the outcome of their missions.

The core gameplay revolves around turn-based combat encounters. Players must carefully position their squad members, choose their actions, and use tactics to overcome enemies and challenges. The game’s combat system emphasizes using cover, coordinating attacks, and making the most of each squad member’s strengths.

Between battles, players must manage their squad’s resources, equipment, and upgrades. The game introduces a roguelike element where the choices players make and the outcomes of battles can have permanent consequences. If a squad member falls in battle, they are lost forever, adding a layer of tension and strategic depth to each decision.

“Galaxy Squad” offers a procedural galaxy map with a variety of planets, star systems, and mission types to explore. Players can accept contracts, gather resources, and make choices that affect their reputation with different factions in the galaxy. The non-linear progression encourages players to plan their routes and make decisions based on their squad’s strengths and weaknesses.

The game’s pixel art style captures the retro aesthetic of classic sci-fi games and adds a nostalgic touch to the experience. The visuals contribute to the game’s atmosphere, immersing players in a universe filled with both wonder and danger.

As players progress, they can recruit new squad members, unlock new abilities, and customize their team to adapt to different challenges. The dynamic gameplay and tactical elements make “Galaxy Squad” an engaging choice for players who enjoy strategic decision-making, turn-based combat, and exploration within a sci-fi setting.

In summary, “Galaxy Squad” offers a challenging tactical roguelike experience set in a procedurally generated galaxy. With its turn-based combat, squad management, and permanent consequences, the game provides an engaging and strategic adventure for players who enjoy testing their skills in the depths of space.

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