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From Dust player count:

500,000 games sold

Last updated 2011

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Game Description

“From Dust” is a god game and simulation video game developed by Ubisoft Montpellier and published by Ubisoft. Released in 2011, the game offers players the role of a deity who controls the elements of nature to shape and manipulate the environment, guiding a primitive tribe through various challenges.

Key features and elements of “From Dust” include:

  1. Elemental Manipulation: Players control the elements of nature, including water, lava, soil, and vegetation. These elements can be manipulated to reshape the terrain, create barriers, and guide water flows.
  2. Environmental Puzzles: The game presents players with a series of challenges and puzzles that require using the elements strategically to help the tribe progress. This can involve creating paths, diverting water, and protecting the tribe from natural disasters.
  3. Tribal Management: Players guide a tribe of nomads through the environment, helping them gather resources, build settlements, and avoid hazards. The tribe’s safety and survival depend on the player’s ability to manipulate the environment effectively.
  4. Dynamic Ecosystems: The game features ecosystems that react dynamically to the player’s actions. Water flows, vegetation growth, and other elements interact realistically to create a living and evolving world.
  5. Story Mode: The game offers a story mode where players progress through a series of levels with varying challenges and environments. Each level introduces new elements and mechanics to keep the gameplay fresh.
  6. Challenge Mode: In addition to the story mode, “From Dust” features a challenge mode with more difficult scenarios that test the player’s skills and creativity.
  7. Visual Style: The game boasts a visually striking art style that emphasizes natural landscapes and vibrant environments.
  8. Physics and Realism: The game employs physics-based mechanics to create a realistic representation of how elements interact with each other and the environment.
  9. Natural Disasters: While players have the power to shape the world, they also need to contend with natural disasters such as tsunamis, volcanoes, and wildfires that can threaten the tribe’s survival.
  10. Strategic Thinking: “From Dust” requires players to think strategically and plan their actions to overcome challenges and ensure the tribe’s safety.

“From Dust” provides a unique and engaging experience where players take on the role of a divine entity, manipulating the environment to aid their tribe and shape the world. The game’s focus on elemental interactions and environmental challenges adds a layer of complexity to the gameplay, encouraging players to experiment and find creative solutions. With its captivating art style and simulation mechanics, “From Dust” offers an intriguing perspective on the power of nature and the role of a god-like figure in shaping a world and its inhabitants.

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