Culdcept Player Count and Stats (2024)

Culdcept Player Count and Stats

Culdcept player count Stats and FactsHere are a few of the most interesting Culdcept facts and stats I was able to dig up. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Culdcept player count:

70,000 game units sold in Japan

Last updated 2/4/13

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Game Description

“Culdcept” is a series of strategy video games that combines elements of trading card games, board games, and strategy RPGs. The series is developed and published by Omiya Soft (previously NEC Interchannel) and is known for its unique blend of gameplay mechanics. The games were originally released in Japan and have gained a cult following for their strategic depth and creative gameplay.

Key features and aspects of the “Culdcept” series include:

  1. Gameplay Fusion: “Culdcept” combines the strategy of a board game with the collectible card mechanics of a trading card game. Players move around a game board, capture territories, and use creature cards to defend their lands and attack opponents.

  2. Board Design: Each game features a variety of game boards with different layouts, terrains, and properties. Players strategically place their creatures and buildings on these boards to maximize their chances of success.

  3. Card Collection: Players build decks of creature cards, spell cards, and item cards to use during matches. The cards have different effects and abilities that can influence the outcome of battles and territory control.

  4. Territory Control: The objective of “Culdcept” is to capture and control territories on the game board. Players earn points by placing creatures on their territories and can use these points to summon more powerful creatures or cast spells.

  5. Multiplayer: The games offer both single-player campaigns and multiplayer modes where players can compete against each other locally or online.

  6. Strategic Depth: “Culdcept” requires players to carefully plan their moves, anticipate opponents’ actions, and manage resources effectively. The combination of card strategy and board game tactics creates a unique and engaging experience.

  7. Art and Lore: The series features a wide variety of creature and character designs, drawing from different mythologies, fantasy settings, and cultural influences.

The “Culdcept” series has seen several releases, including:

  • “Culdcept” (PlayStation, Saturn) – The original game that introduced the series’ gameplay mechanics.
  • “Culdcept Expansion” (PlayStation) – An expansion of the first game with new cards and features.
  • “Culdcept Second” (Dreamcast) – A sequel with enhanced graphics and new mechanics.
  • “Culdcept Saga” (Xbox 360) – The series’ first entry on a Microsoft console, with updated visuals and online multiplayer.

The “Culdcept” series has a dedicated fan base and is praised for its innovative gameplay that combines strategy, luck, and card collection. The games offer a unique and challenging experience that appeals to players who enjoy both strategic thinking and card-based gameplay.

Game Details

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