N-Gage Sales Numbers and List of Games (2023)

Last Updated on: March 12th, 2022

n-gage sales numbers list of gamesN-Gage was a mobile gaming platform and device developed by Nokia in 2003. It was designed to be a combination of a mobile phone and a portable gaming console, with a focus on multiplayer gaming and online connectivity.

The N-Gage device had a unique design that resembled a handheld gaming console, with a screen that could be tilted to allow for better viewing angles during gameplay. It also had a number of features that were advanced for their time, including Bluetooth connectivity, a music player, and the ability to browse the internet.

The N-Gage had a number of popular games, including titles such as Tomb Raider, Sonic N, and FIFA Football 2004. It also allowed users to download and purchase games directly from the device using a digital store, which was a relatively new concept at the time.

Despite these innovative features, the N-Gage struggled to gain a foothold in the market. Its high price point, awkward design, and limited game library all contributed to its lack of success. Nokia eventually discontinued the N-Gage in 2005, although some of its features and concepts have since been adopted by other mobile gaming platforms.

Overall, the N-Gage was an ambitious attempt to create a new kind of mobile gaming device, and while it ultimately failed to find a mass audience, it paved the way for future mobile gaming platforms and helped to popularize the idea of mobile gaming as a serious form of entertainment.

N-Gage Facts and Stats:

  • Manufacturer: Nokia
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Year Discontinued: 2005

List of N-Gage Games:

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