Chromehounds Player Count and Stats (2024)

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Chromehounds player count:

13,110 games sold

Last updated 12/28/07

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Game Description

“Chromehounds” is a mecha-based simulation video game developed by FromSoftware and published by Sega. Released in 2006 for the Xbox 360, the game offers players the opportunity to pilot customizable mechs in a futuristic military setting. “Chromehounds” focuses on both single-player and online multiplayer modes, emphasizing team-based combat and strategic gameplay.

Key features and elements of “Chromehounds” include:

  1. Mecha Customization: The game places a strong emphasis on mecha customization. Players can design and build their own mechs, known as “HOUNDS,” by selecting from various chassis types, weapons, armor, and equipment.

  2. Futuristic Warfare: Set in a world where nations are at war for control, players participate in large-scale battles as mercenary pilots. The game’s setting is characterized by advanced technology, and players engage in combat using their custom mechs.

  3. Single-Player Campaign: The game’s single-player mode includes a campaign that consists of multiple chapters, each focusing on different factions and their conflicts. The campaign features a branching storyline based on the player’s choices and performance.

  4. Online Multiplayer: “Chromehounds” shines in its online multiplayer mode, where players can form squads, engage in team-based battles, and participate in Territory Wars. Territory Wars involve players vying for control of territories on a global map, with each victory contributing to the overall outcome.

  5. Tactical Gameplay: The game emphasizes strategic and tactical gameplay, requiring players to coordinate with their squad members, use cover effectively, and make decisions about weapon loadouts and mech roles.

  6. Variety of HOUNDS: “Chromehounds” offers a range of different HOUND classes, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. These classes include scout, assault, heavy gunner, and sniper.

  7. Persistent Online World: The game’s online mode features a persistent world where players can collaborate, compete, and engage in ongoing battles to influence the map and the control of territories.

  8. Visual and Audio Design: The game’s visual design showcases the diversity of mechs, environments, and weapons. The sound design adds to the immersion, with sounds of clashing metal and heavy weaponry.

  9. Reception and Legacy: “Chromehounds” received generally positive reviews for its mecha customization and online gameplay, although some critics noted issues with the single-player campaign and pacing.

  10. Mecha Enthusiasts: The game appeals to players who enjoy piloting mechs and customizing their loadouts to suit different combat scenarios.

  11. Teamwork Emphasis: “Chromehounds” encourages teamwork and coordination in both its single-player and online modes, making it engaging for players who enjoy strategic multiplayer experiences.

“Chromehounds” offers a unique mecha-based gameplay experience, blending customization, strategic combat, and team-based warfare. While its online multiplayer mode was a standout feature, the game’s single-player campaign and mech customization options also contributed to its appeal for players seeking a futuristic and tactical gaming experience.

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