Ken Masters

Last Updated on: December 3rd, 2022

Who is Ken Masters?

Ken Masters is a fictional character in the Street Fighter series of fighting video games created by Capcom. He is a student of the martial arts, and a rival and best friend of the series’ main protagonist, Ryu. Ken is known for his red gi and blonde hair, as well as his use of a unique fighting style that combines different martial arts techniques. He is often portrayed as a brash and hot-headed character, but also has a strong sense of justice and a desire to prove himself. He first appeared in the original Street Fighter game in 1987 and has been a playable character in multiple games in the series. Ken is known for his special moves such as the dragon punch and the flaming dragon punch. He is considered a beloved and iconic character in the Street Fighter series.

Games in Which Ken Masters Appeared in:

Here is a rundown of the games that Ken Masters has appeared in over the years.