Afro Samurai Player Count and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: August 9th, 2023

Afro Samurai Stats

Afro Samurai player count Stats and FactsHere are a few of the most interesting Afro Samurai facts and stats I was able to dig up including player counts. As always, be sure to check back in the future as I will be updating this post as new and updated stats become available.

Afro Samurai player count:

412,000 games sold

Last updated 8/4/09

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Game Description

“Afro Samurai” is an action-adventure video game based on the manga and anime series of the same name. The game was developed by Namco Bandai Games and released in 2009 for various platforms, including PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It features the same stylized, gritty, and samurai-themed setting as the original source material.

Key features of “Afro Samurai” include:

  1. Storyline: The game follows the story of Afro Samurai, a skilled swordsman seeking revenge against those who murdered his father and obtained the legendary Number One headband. The game combines elements of revenge and redemption, as Afro embarks on a journey through a post-apocalyptic world filled with danger and adversaries.

  2. Action Combat: “Afro Samurai” features fast-paced action combat, combining swordplay and acrobatic movements. Players can execute combos, counterattacks, and special moves using Afro’s sword and other weapons.

  3. Cell-Shaded Art Style: The game’s art style closely resembles the look of the original manga and anime series, using a cel-shaded graphical presentation to capture the unique visual aesthetic of the source material.

  4. Upgrades and Customization: Players can upgrade Afro’s abilities, weapons, and skills as they progress through the game. This customization allows players to tailor Afro’s combat style to their preferences.

  5. Soundtrack: The game features a hip-hop-inspired soundtrack composed by RZA, the legendary rapper and producer. The soundtrack complements the game’s gritty atmosphere and action sequences.

  6. Voice Cast: The game includes voice acting from the anime’s main cast, with Samuel L. Jackson reprising his role as Afro Samurai.

  7. Unique Gameplay Mechanics: The game introduces unique gameplay mechanics, such as the “Justice” mechanic that enhances Afro’s abilities when his “Justice” meter is full, and “Focus” mode, which slows down time to allow players to perform precise actions during combat.

  8. Boss Battles: “Afro Samurai” features intense boss battles against powerful opponents. These battles require strategy and skill to defeat enemies who often have distinct fighting styles and attack patterns.

  9. Environmental Interaction: Players can interact with the environment to gain advantages during combat, such as using objects as cover or launching surprise attacks.

  10. Ninja Ninja: The character Ninja Ninja, voiced by Samuel L. Jackson, provides commentary and comedic relief throughout the game.

  11. Original Story Elements: While the game adapts the main storyline from the anime and manga, it also features additional story elements that expand the narrative.

Overall, “Afro Samurai” is a video game adaptation that captures the essence of the original source material’s stylized violence, intense combat, and thematic exploration. It’s aimed at fans of the Afro Samurai franchise and those who enjoy action-packed gameplay set in a unique and visually distinct world.

Game Details

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