List of Way of the Samurai Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: March 3rd, 2024

list of Way of the Samurai video gamesThe Way of the Samurai game franchise is a series of action-adventure games developed by Acquire Corp. and published by Spike. The franchise debuted in 2002 with the release of the first game, Way of the Samurai, for the PlayStation 2.

The series takes place in Japan during the Edo period and follows the story of a samurai who finds himself in the midst of political turmoil. The player takes on the role of the samurai and must make decisions that affect the outcome of the story. The games are known for their non-linear gameplay, multiple endings, and emphasis on player choice.

The franchise has since spawned four sequels: Way of the Samurai 2, Way of the Samurai 3, Way of the Samurai 4, and Way of the Samurai: Ghost of Tsushima. Each installment builds upon the previous games, introducing new features and mechanics.

The Way of the Samurai games have been generally well-received for their unique blend of action and storytelling, as well as their replayability. The series has developed a dedicated fanbase and has influenced other games in the genre.

Way of the Samurai Video Games:

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