List of Suikoden Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: March 12th, 2022

list of Suikoden video gamesThe Suikoden video game franchise is a series of role-playing video games developed and published by Konami. The franchise began in 1995 with the release of the first game in the series, titled “Suikoden,” for the Sony PlayStation.

The Suikoden games are known for their large, diverse casts of characters and their intricate, politically-charged storylines. The games typically follow the story of a hero or heroine who must gather a group of allies, known as the “108 Stars of Destiny,” in order to defeat a powerful enemy and save their land from destruction.

Over the years, the Suikoden franchise has seen the release of several sequels and spin-off titles, including “Suikoden II,” “Suikoden III,” “Suikoden IV,” “Suikoden V,” and “Suikoden Tactics.” The series has also spawned a number of manga adaptations and other tie-in media.

While the Suikoden franchise was popular among RPG fans in the 1990s and 2000s, it has been largely dormant since the release of “Suikoden V” in 2006. Fans of the series have long been clamoring for a new installment, but as of 2021, there has been no official announcement regarding the future of the franchise.

Suikoden Video Games:

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