List of Splatoon Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: February 1st, 2023

list of Splatoon video gamesThe Splatoon video game franchise is a third-person shooter series developed and published by Nintendo. It was first released for the Wii U console in 2015, and later for the Nintendo Switch in 2017. The series is known for its unique gameplay mechanics, colorful graphics, and vibrant world-building.

In Splatoon, players take control of Inklings, a species that can transform into squid-like creatures and swim through ink of their own color. The main objective of the game is to cover as much of the game’s maps with your team’s ink as possible, while also battling against opposing teams of Inklings.

The franchise has also expanded into other forms of media, including a manga series, a series of amiibo figurines, and even a live concert event in Japan. A sequel, Splatoon 2, was released for the Nintendo Switch in 2017, and has since received numerous updates and additional content.

The Splatoon franchise has been well-received by critics and fans alike, with praise for its unique gameplay mechanics, colorful art style, and overall charm. It has also been successful commercially, with the series selling over 15 million copies worldwide as of 2021.

Splatoon Video Games:

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