List of Samurai Shodown Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: March 3rd, 2024

list of Samurai Shodown video gamesThe Samurai Shodown, known as Samurai Spirits in Japan, is a fighting game franchise developed and published by SNK. The series debuted in 1993 and features weapon-based combat set in feudal Japan. The franchise is known for its detailed 2D graphics, intense gameplay, and a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique fighting style and weapon.

The series takes place during the late 18th century in a fictional version of Japan, featuring a diverse cast of characters including samurai, ninja, and other fighters. The gameplay is centered around one-on-one battles, with each character having their own unique set of moves and techniques, including the ability to deflect projectiles and disarm opponents.

The Samurai Shodown series has seen several sequels and spin-offs over the years, including Samurai Shodown II, Samurai Shodown III, Samurai Shodown IV, Samurai Shodown V, Samurai Shodown VI, and Samurai Shodown Sen. The franchise has also been adapted into an anime series, manga, and a mobile game. The latest installment, Samurai Shodown (2019), is a reboot of the series, featuring updated graphics and gameplay mechanics while retaining the same weapon-based combat and character roster that fans have come to love.

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