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Last Updated on: March 2nd, 2024

list of Portal video gamesThe Portal video game franchise is a series of puzzle-platformer games developed and published by Valve Corporation. The franchise consists of two main games: Portal (2007) and Portal 2 (2011), as well as a spin-off game, Portal Stories: Mel (2015).

The original Portal was initially released as part of Valve’s Orange Box compilation for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. The game features a series of puzzle rooms where the player uses a device called the “portal gun” to create inter-spatial portals that allow them to navigate through the level and solve puzzles. The game’s story follows a test subject named Chell as she navigates through the Aperture Science Enrichment Center under the watchful eye of an artificial intelligence named GLaDOS.

Portal 2 is a direct sequel to the first game and features a longer single-player campaign, as well as a new co-operative multiplayer mode. The game introduces several new gameplay mechanics and features, including a variety of gels that can be applied to surfaces to create different properties and a new robotic character named Wheatley. The game’s story continues the plot of the first game, revealing more about Aperture Science and the history of GLaDOS.

Portal Stories: Mel is a fan-made mod that takes place in the same universe as the first two games. The game features a new protagonist, Mel, who must navigate through a series of puzzle rooms in order to uncover the truth behind Aperture Science’s past.

The Portal franchise has received critical acclaim for its innovative gameplay mechanics, humor, and storytelling. The series has also been praised for its strong female protagonist and its representation of LGBTQ+ characters. Despite its popularity, there have been no announcements for a new installment in the franchise in recent years.

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