List of EverQuest Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: February 6th, 2024

list of EverQuest video games

EverQuest is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed and published by Sony Online Entertainment (now Daybreak Game Company) and released in 1999. It is one of the earliest and most popular MMORPGs, and has had a significant impact on the genre.

In EverQuest, players create characters and venture forth into the world of Norrath, where they can engage in combat, complete quests, trade with other players, and advance their skills and abilities. The game features a persistent world, meaning that events and changes made by players have a lasting impact on the game world. It also features a rich lore and deep backstory, with numerous expansions and updates adding to the world and its history.

EverQuest has had a long and successful run, with numerous expansions and updates released over the years. Its success paved the way for many other MMORPGs, and it remains a beloved classic among fans of the genre. While the game’s popularity has declined in recent years due to the rise of newer games and changing player tastes, it still has a dedicated fan base and continues to receive updates and support from Daybreak Game Company.

EverQuest Video Games:

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