List of CSI Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: March 18th, 2024

list of CSI video gamesThe CSI video game franchise is a series of adventure and puzzle-solving games based on the popular CBS television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The games were developed by Telltale Games, 369 Interactive, and Ubisoft, and were published by Ubisoft, with the first game in the series being released in 2003.

The gameplay in the CSI games typically involves players taking on the role of a forensic investigator, working alongside the members of the CSI team to solve crimes and uncover clues. Players must collect evidence, analyze crime scenes, and interview suspects and witnesses to piece together the events of each case.

The franchise includes a total of nine games, with the most recent release being CSI: Hidden Crimes, a mobile game released in 2014. While the games generally received mixed to positive reviews, they were generally praised for their faithfulness to the television series and their engaging gameplay mechanics.

CSI Video Games:

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