List of Code: Realize Video Games and Stats (2023)

Last Updated on: January 16th, 2021

list of Code Realize video gamesCode: Realize is a visual novel game franchise developed by Idea Factory and first released in Japan in 2014. The series takes place in an alternate steampunk version of Victorian England, and follows a young woman named Cardia, who possesses a deadly poison in her body that makes her feared by others. The series revolves around Cardia’s quest to uncover the mysteries of her past, the origin of her condition, and her search for love and acceptance.

The first game in the series, Code: Realize Guardian of Rebirth, was released in Japan in 2014 and later localized in English in 2015 for the PlayStation Vita. It was well-received for its immersive story and engaging characters. The game was followed by a fan disc titled Code: Realize Future Blessings in 2016, which featured additional stories and routes for the game’s various love interests.

The series has since expanded to include other games, including Code: Realize Bouquet of Rainbows, which was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2018 and included both the original game and its fan disc, as well as additional content. The series also includes a fandisc titled Code: Realize Wintertide Miracles, which was released in Japan in 2019 and later localized in English in 2020.

Overall, the Code: Realize franchise is known for its immersive story, richly detailed world-building, and engaging characters, and has garnered a dedicated fan following.

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