List of Chibi-Robo! Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: March 3rd, 2024

list of Chibi-Robo! video gamesChibi-Robo! is a video game franchise that was created and developed by Japanese game developer Skip Ltd. The first game in the series, “Chibi-Robo!”, was released for the Nintendo GameCube in 2005. The series follows the adventures of a tiny robot named Chibi-Robo as he completes various tasks and helps people in his quest to bring happiness and unity to the world.

The gameplay of the series revolves around exploration and puzzle-solving. Players control Chibi-Robo as he explores various environments, interacts with characters, and completes tasks to earn “Happy Points.” These points are used to unlock new areas and items in the game.

The franchise has expanded to include several games for different platforms, including “Chibi-Robo! Park Patrol” for the Nintendo DS, “Chibi-Robo!: Zip Lash” for the Nintendo 3DS, and “Chibi-Robo!: Photo Finder” for the Nintendo 3DS. The series has gained a dedicated fan base, particularly in Japan, and is known for its unique characters, charming storylines, and colorful environments.

Chibi-Robo! Video Games:

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