List of Bubble Bobble Video Games and Stats (2024)

Last Updated on: March 3rd, 2024

list of Bubble Bobble video GamesBubble Bobble is a classic video game franchise that began in 1986 with the original arcade game of the same name, developed by Taito. The game features two cute dragons, Bub and Bob, who blow bubbles to trap enemies and progress through levels. The franchise has since expanded to multiple sequels and spin-offs across a variety of platforms.

The original Bubble Bobble game was very popular in arcades and was eventually ported to many home consoles, including the NES, Sega Master System, and Atari ST. It spawned a direct sequel, Rainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2, in 1987. This game features Bub and Bob in human form, and they use rainbows to defeat enemies instead of bubbles.

The franchise has since had many sequels and spin-offs, including Parasol Stars, Bubble Bobble Part 2, Bubble Bobble Revolution, and Bubble Bobble Plus!. The franchise has also appeared in crossover games, such as Puzzle Bobble, Bust-A-Move, and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo. The original game has been remade and re-released on many platforms, including the Nintendo DS, Xbox Live Arcade, and PlayStation Network. The franchise continues to be beloved by fans of classic arcade games.

Bubble Bobble Video Games:

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